CardiAid AED, the best public access defibrillator, was specially designed to be simple, easy to use and quick to treat.

  • CardiAid AED can be used by any person with basic life support (CPR) knowledge.
  • Automatically turns on when cover is opened.
  • The pre-connected electrodes help save time and make the process simpler for the user.
  • CardiAid AED guides the user with clear verbal and visual instructions from the beginning to the end of the whole process, including instructions reminding the user to call the emergency number and assisting the user through the reanimation process.
  • The status indicator lights burn with universal colours: green and red, showing if there is any problem with the device, or not. This provides standardization.
  • CardiAid guides the user with a combination of verbal instructions, pictures and lights. CardiAid is designed to assist the user with both pictures, flashing lights of different colours and sound at the same time, thus maximizing the performance. The pictures are simple and explanatory; the flashing lights are designed to emphasize the pictures and buttons, with white flashing light showing the stage of the process and red flashing light only indicating the shock button. In this way, all steps are ensured to be implemented accurately even if the user has limited knowledge or experience.
  • Verbal instructions of CardiAid are clear and have optimum combination of content and duration, enabling CardiAid to be time-efficient in case of an emergency.
  • CardiAid works with one-button operation principle for providing immediate treatment and highest safety. The user is asked to press the shock-button, to ensure that the patient is not being touched or moved.
  • CardiAid AED provides the most effective treatment with biphasic defibrillation.
  • Provides CPR assistance with metronomic signals for maximum efficiency.
  • CardiAid was specially designed for public-access use. This is why inessential functions like ECG display are omitted. A nonmedical person will not be able to read this graph, and will not have to, since CardiAid will automatically analyse the heart rhythm and decide whether shock is necessary or not.
  • CardiAid does not use a rechargeable battery to minimize the responsibility of the owner of CardiAid and risk of forgetting to charge the battery.
  • CardiAid performs automatic self-test daily, monthly and when the cover of the device is opened. This function enables CardiAid to be in-use without a problem whenever needed.
  • Using CardiAid is completely safe for the patient and the user. CardiAid analyses the heart rhythm of the patient with the most accurate technique and it is impossible to give shock if shock is not required. The algorithm and the board used in CardiAid AED CT0207 offers the optimum combination of sensitivity and specificity.
  • CardiAid AED is compliant with the latest ILCOR ERC Resuscitation Guidelines.
  • Automatically stores the event data and the ECG of the patient.
  • Special accessories provide safety, easy-use and the highest performance.
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